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Tech Experts LLC
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Tech Experts LLC
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We grew from the boot straps. It's hard to believe were up to a 6 million dollar company today. I met Nad, "President of Tech Experts" 8 years ago, in those days I was installing signs with my own hands. I never realized how much of a difference the right technology tools can make. Man, I tell you we were trying to figure out why our email messages would not show up in the office computer after we looked at em' in our phones. I think we called everyone from the phone people to Mother Teresa. Nad "Tech Experts" jumped in here and fixed it in one click! I realized then, I'm a sign guy and not a help desk junkie, been using Nad "Tech Experts" ever since. Tech Experts came in here and gave me the tools to grow my business!" Tech Experts is a company run by a man I recommend to everyone I know. - Large Outdoor Electronic Sign Manufacturer, Houston Texas